About the film

In the hills of rural Pennsylvania, the leader of a local militia must prepare his men for the turbulent political landscape of 2020 while at war with his own conscience.

For over ten years, a 48-year-old Iraqi War Veteran and machinist has commanded a troop of private militiamen and women concerned with the government's infringement on their constitutional rights. The group practices paramilitary drills, stockpiles food and ammo, and attends gun rights rallies in preparation for a doomsday scenario. Now that a worldwide pandemic has hit, followed by a summer of racial injustice protests and a Presidential election like no other, he–out of work and nearly out of money–must confront his allegiance and choose to act or not.



Directed and Produced by: David Peter Hansen
Executive Produced by: Alyse Ardell Spiegel
Filmed and Edited by: David Peter Hansen
Original Music by: Ryan Seaton

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Festivals + Awards

Student Academy Awards - Finalist
DOC NYC - Official Selection
Discover Film Awards - Winner: Best International Debut and Judges' Choice Award
Roma Short Film Festival - Winner: Best Editing
Utopia Film Festival - Official Selection
Culver City Film Festival - Official Selection
Festival Angaelica - Official Selection
Frozen River Film Festival - Official Selection